Drafting Contracts for Non-Lawyers

Drafting Contracts for Non-Lawyers

28. / 29. November 2019


Intensive seminar for people who want to gain confidence in drafting contracts! Using joint drafting exercises you will be able to identify your strengths and receive practical tips to further enhance your drafting techniques. Examples of good and bad drafting will be analyzed and explained.

Your benefit

  • Learn to draft contracts in English and achieve commercial objectives
  • Using English legal terms correctly
  • Interpreting critical provisions in the right way
  • Analyzing potential pitfalls and limiting liability risks
  • Understanding basic differences between civil law and common law systems
  • Dealing with default situations
  • The focus will be on what happens in practice


The speaker will use a balanced mix of sample clauses and case studies. Through a joint review of clauses you will also get a chance to test your knowledge. Examples of good and bad drafting will be analyzed.

Who should attend? 

This workshop has been specifically developed for those who want to acquire or enhance their practical drafting skills. The seminar is targeted for managing directors, sales personnel and other company employees who deal with contracts.

Participation Requirements

Basic knowledge of English is required. Fluency in English is not necessary. The workshop will be held in English in order to enhance your English language capabilities on drafting contracts. The speaker is bilingual (English and German). Therefore, question and answer sessions can be held in German when necessary.

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28. November 2019

1. Common Law versus Civil Law
  • Understanding the differences
  • Different level of detail
  • Codification trend in common law
  • Increasing dominance of Anglo-American style
2. Pre-contractual Phase: Issues to consider
  • Rights and duties: Prevention is better than cure
  • Negotiations:
  • Who negotiates?
  • Close cooperation between direct negotiators, contract drafters and company insiders
  • Gathering background information and details of commercial parameters and aims:
  • Essential for contract drafters
  • Who makes the first draft? Right choice important to be efficient
  • Confidentiality agreement and liquidated damages
  • Agreements to agree:
  • Letter of Intent
  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Term Sheet
  • Heads of Agreement
  • Check signing power for conclusion of contracts: Validity of contract depends on it!
  • Different options: Managing director, special agent, persons with special powers of attorney
  • Approvals of corporate bodies
3. Contract Drafting Essentials
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Avoid ambiguity
  • Using defined terms
  • Common contract drafting mistakes and the costs of deficient drafting
  • Problematic words and phrases
  • Importance of understanding common law drafting
  • Bringing it all together: Rephrasing sample provisions
4. Different types of Contracts
  • Sale of goods
  • Contract for services
  • Distribution agreement / Commercial agent agreement
  • M&A / Joint Venture / Loan agreements
  • Contracts with consumers
5. Contract Structure Essentials
  • Minimum content
  • The function and layout of recitals
  • Implementing basic business terms
  • Payment mechanisms, consideration: Who pays what and when?
  • Termination (ordinary and extraordinary)
  • Who bears contract related costs?
  • Boilerplate language
  • The role of exhibits and schedules
  • Formal requirements: Do we need a notary public?

29. November 2019

6. General terms and Conditions: Importance of Understanding the Small Print
  • Why General Terms and Conditions?
  • How do General Terms and Conditions become part of contracts?
  • Battle of the forms
  • Invalid clauses and effect on contracts
7. Specific Issues of International Contracts
  • Understanding different legal cultures and impact on drafting
  • Sale of goods and Incoterms
  • Choice of forum clause:
  • State courts vs. arbitral tribunals
  • Which place of jurisdiction should be chosen?
  • Applicable law:
  • How to draft correctly
  • United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods
8. Protecting your Interests with Security
  • Bank guarantee, letter of credit, comfort letters, suretyship
  • Reservation of title
  • Contractual penalty
  • Escrow
  • Insurance
  • Stamp duty?
9. What to do when something goes wrong
  • Delay:
  • What action to take if contracting party is in delay?
  • Consequences of being in delay
  • Contractual provisions on delay
  • Defective Performance:
  • Two different basic causes of action: Warranty and compensation for damages
  • Legitimacy of exclusion and limitation of liability clauses
  • Contracting party is bankrupt or close to bankruptcy:
  • Gathering information
  • Liability of management and shareholders?
  • Consequences of breach:
  • Settlement discussion tactics

Paul Luiki

Fellner Wratzfeld & Partner Rechtsanwälte GmbH


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28. / 29. November 2019

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