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The Disruptive HR Workshop

Seminar | 5. März 2019, Wien

The workshop for HR professionals who want to do things differently. This one-day workshop led by Lucy Adams, CEO of Disruptive HR and author of bestseller ‘HR Disrupted’ brings together people who are interested in changing HR and want practical help to make it happen.

What you will get from the day

  • hear about the very latest trends in hr and people management
  • discover what progressive companies are already doing
  • Learn how to change your approach to performance management and reward
  • find new ways of managing talent
  • explore the latest hr operating models
  • get insights that will help you start to make the change

This popular programme has been running in London for over two years and has had hundreds of delegates from major corporates such as Barclays, Bp, AXA, swiss re and Johnson & Johnson and small to medium sized companies.


The disruptive hr workshop exclusively in Austria - Limited number of participants!

Das sagen ehemalige Teilnehmer

“It was such a brilliant day and we all got so much out of it. It has given us a real drive to go back to Jack Wills and keep on that change curve.”


Lucy Adams

Disruptive HR

Programm PDF zum Download

The challenges of a disrupted world of work

  • Why we need new capabilities and mindsets to cope with the demands of a disrupted and digital world

A new model. Introduction to the EACH model “Em- ployees as Adults, Consumers and Humans” including practical examples of how other organisations are inno- vating in this area.

  • Discover more about our approach to HR which is underpinned by our unique EACH model and our belief that performance is enhanced by moving away from traditional parental, one-size-fits-all processes that have dominated the people function for decades. We propose a new set of assumptions that allow you to develop something that can truly build better capability.

Performance Management and Reward

  • If you’re still tinkering around the edges when it comes to modernising your approach to performance management and reward this deep dive will give you everything you need to make the big changes that will have a lasting impact.
  • Discover:
  • why traditional approaches in performance management and reward are not working
  • emerging performance management and reward trends
  • practical examples of what you can do differently
  • Highlights of the different apps on the market
  • new total performance and reward framework that’s fit for the future

Talent Management and Learning

  • Tired of peddling traditional talent management & learning practices that are not making the impact you want? hear about new approaches and what progressive organisations are doing differently.
  • Discover:
  • a new way of thinking about Talent Management
  • the new leadership attributes
  • alternatives to the leadership competency model
  • new ways of delivering learning and the new role for L&d functions
  • simple but effective ways to move talent around your organisation

HR Design & Capabilities

  • Delivering a fresh approach to hr means taking a long hard look at ourselves. This session will focus on changes we can make to our structure and the skills we can develop to get us ready for the hr function of the future.
  • Discover:
  • how you can increase hr’s credibility
  • a new way of thinking about hr that can transform our design
  • practical ideas to consider when designing a hr function
  • the future skills and capabilities for HR
  • new and more agile ways of working in HR

Making it happen

  • We know that making change is difficult. We will share some simple tips and practical ideas about how to make long lasting change happen.
  • Discover:
  • the barriers to change
  • building your business case
  • dealing with resistance
  • user centred design
  • changing behavior

Lucy Adams, Disruptive HR










5. März 2019
Ort wird bekannt gegeben
in Wien
EUR 999

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