Israel Innovation Tour


Israel Innovation Tour

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The journey aims to give executives of your corporation first-hand insights into the FinTech & InsurTech landscape by introducing the latest innovations from Israel. Explore why 270 multinational corporates have established more than 320 R&D facilities troughout Israel. Be part of this game-changing development.

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Focus - Banking & Insurance

Why Israel

Explore why major international corporates have choosen to establish more then 320 R&D advance facilities throughout Israel and learn why Israel is a Fintech powerhouse. Leading global banks and insurance companies are located in FinTech Hubs, have direct investments in startups via venture arms or visiting Israeli innovation hubs with delegations on a reuglar basis. These companies are investing in future - join them!

  • Startup Nation - Strong entrepreneurial culture: 1500 new startups per year
  • Significant funding ecosystem across all stages - 2nd only to silicon valley
  • Academic & military excellence - The most sophisticated management and technical talent pool in the world
  • Global innovation center - Israeli presence of most multinational technology companies

FinTech Innovation

Israel and its banking sector are considered to be one of the most innovative and developed markets in the world, with an extensive portfolio of FinTechs. As financial institutions are still struggling with limited creativity and the effects of a long period of stagnation, collaborating with Fintech companies is helping them gain access to new innovations and technologies. And this in turn is the main goal of the whole Business Trip - exploring a market of open innovations and FinTech hubs.

This Executive Tour is customized for your company and your participants. Each day comprises several company & expert sessions, one or two special location visits, business breakfasts - and lunches as well as networking events in the evening.

Individualise your trip

The israel innovation tour can be costumized to the individual needs and expectations of the participants. Therefore we will organize a preparation meeting in order to individualise your experience.

Video Preview - Yael Wachter, Founder, DiFinest 

Program Highlights & Tour Stations

CITI INNOVATION CENTER - Citi'sTechnology Innovation Lab 

  • Overview about citi innovation activities
  • Meeting the head of citi Lab
  • Tour at the Lab including the FinTech ecosystem and the projects of the Lab
  • Meeting start ups at Citi accelerator

TEAM 8 - Israel's leading cyber security think tank

  • Executive Cyber Briefing providing insider views on people ,technologies and ideas enabling secure digital transformation
  • Meeting cyber security companies selected to your individual specifications
  • Cocktail Party at the Rothschild rooftop Lounge - the trendiest place to dine in Tel aviv

VIOLA VENTURES - Israel’s leading technology-focused investment group

  • Meet & Greet with Avi Zeevi, co-founder of the viola group 
  • FinTech expert presentation
  • Start-up beauty contest (upon interest and request)
  • Lunch break next to the water line of the beautiful Herzliya Coast

FIN TLV - a unique open innovation platform, focusing on FinTech and InsureTech technologies

  • Talk with Gil Arazi, FinTlv Ventures founder and Insurance and InsureTech thought leader
  • Presentation “How FinTechs are disrupting the Insurance Industry"

THE FLOOR - a global FinTech Innovation Center

  • Tour at The Floor and at Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
  • Meetings with preferred companies & startups

JERUSALEM VENTURE PARTNERS - invested in over 120 companies in Israel, the US and Europe

  • Session at Jerusalem Venture Partners 
  • Tour & Lunch break in the old City of Jerusalem

Feedback Innovation Tour 2018

"My expectations have been fully met"

“My main purpose in taking this trip was (i) to gain a better insight in how the software market in Israel is organized, (ii) to understand thebusiness opportunities for a DACH based consulting company in the financial sector and (iii) to find a potential product/development partner for upcoming projects. My expectations have been fully met. Our host, alongside the perfect organization of the tour and the very interesting discussions, did a great job in filtering out the right companies and constantly adjusting the program in order to optimize it based on our needs. Thank you again, you made it a perfect tour! Overall rating: 10. Do not change the concept ... it works.“

Alexander Kaserer, sks-group

"Overall Score: 10 out of 10"

“The Israel Innovation Tour fully met my expectations. The trip was very well organized, we were well received at the airport and taken care of, all meetings were perfectly arranged, time schedules kept allowing us to cover all topics. Extremely positive was the selection of the counterparties in the companies we visited – being at the right position to allow detailed discussions on technical and commercial value allowing us to draw up potential use cases during the meetings. Extremely positive was the detailed knowledge of our host allowing her to select appropriate meetings based on the information provided from us beforehand. Overall Score: 10 out of 10.”

Günther Helbok, unicreditgroup

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